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All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Quran’s Prize-giving - 2006

Message from Ash-Shaikh H. Abdul Nazar,
General Secretary of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

It delights me to send this message to the souvenir published by All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Qur-an on the occasion of prize-giving on 10.07.2006.
The tireless efforts made by this institution in the cause of the Holy Qur-an are laudable and should be placed on record. Such Al-Qur-an related activities are the need of the hour as only the teachings of Al-Qur-an could salvage mankind starving for peace and harmony from wars, havoc and mayhem. The entire world is anxiously looking for solace in all aspects of life – personal, family and social. If somebody is asked “what he wants more than anything in life”, the answer would be definitely ‘PEACE’. Yes, the most wanted item is peace. It is a unanimously accepted fact that the world which has seen tremendous advance in education, economy, science, information technology, etc. failed to attain tranquility and concord. So the demand for peace is extremely great.

As an institution committed to serving the Ummah by conducting various programmes to promote Qur-anic education, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Qur-an needs to be strengthened further and further with clear aims and objectives and plan of action.

May Almighty Allah intensify the bounties he has bestowed upon All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Qur-an!

Ash-Shaikh H. Abdul Nazar
General Secretary, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


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