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Convocation Souvenir of Kulliyyat Ibni Mas-ood on 21.08.2005

Message of Ash-Shaikh H. Abdul Nazar,
General Secretary of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

It is with unalloyed pleasure that I seize this opportunity to send my message to the souvenir published by Ibnu Mas-ood Arabic College of Madige Anukkana, Sunanthapura, Hettipola on the occasion of its ever first convocation on 21.08.2005.

I am enchanted to see the unwavering progress of this institution since its birth till today, and it is indeed heartening to look at its future with hope and confidence that today it hands over to the community 24 qualified Ulama.

Madrasas in Sri Lanka have a long history going back to the 19th century, and they have grown to such an extent that they influence the day-to-day life of Muslims. The Muslim community enjoys a galaxy of learned Ulama produced by such Madrasas. Nothing but good accrued and continues to accrue to the country and the people from Madrasas. Nevertheless, some malicious elements with a vested interest are striving to tarnish the good name of these educational institutions committed to purely selfless academic services by branding them as breeding grounds for terrorism. On the contrary, they make Herculean and immeasurable efforts in inculcating the children with the teachings and ethics of Islam and making them law-abiding and peace-loving and play a vital role in moulding the younger generation well and grooming them to give able leadership to the community. Thus, the service of Madrasas is extremely essential for the present world that has lost the right path and been plunged into darkness and is lacking human values.

Ibnu Mas-ood Arabic College is one of such Madrasas, and the Ulama who receive their certificates today come before the community, shouldering the heavy responsibility to show the mankind the right way which will assure it eternal peace and happiness both here and hereafter. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them well, and I pray to Almighty Allah for Ibnu Mas-ood Arabic College to be a beacon and radiate for years and years.

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