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مرحبا بكم
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لفضيلة الشيخ
عبد الناصر بن حنيفة

من يرد الله به خيرا يفقهه في الدين



Eid Al-Adh-ha – A.H. 1426 A.D. 2006

Eid Al-Adh-ha Message of Ash-Shaikh H. Abdul Nazar,
General Secretary of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

With a strong sense of Islamic fraternity, I extend warmest greetings of Eid Al-Adh-ha of Hijri 1426 to all brothers and sisters-in-Islam on my behalf and on behalf of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama.

On this day, the whole Muslim Ummah, as it has been doing for five thousand long years, recollects with much enthusiasm the time when Prophet Ibraheem (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam) had the courage to take his beloved son Ismaeel (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam) to sacrifice him for Almighty Allah - the act that goes beyond all the boundaries of affection for the kith and kin, longings of the mind and wants of the heart. All knew how his steadfast commitment to his Creator was answered by dispatching a goat to him to substitute for his adored son born in his older age.

Remembering this noble act of Ibraheem (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam), from the time that follows the Eid Prayer till dusk on the following 3rd day, the Muslim Community engages in Udh-hiyyah - slaughtering animals and distributing the meats among the poor and needy.

While performing such an important religious worship that brings enormous virtues, the community has to make a solemn pledge to be loyal to the mother country and behave harmoniously with the fellow compatriots, especially when the country is in grave peril, enduring the painful happenings that might come from any elements and seek the help of Allah from whom only one could receive refuge.

It is, at this moment, my bounden duty to insist that we iron out all our differences and stand hand in hand to encounter whatever comes that could challenge our existence

Eid Mubaarak!

Ash-Shaikh H. Abdul Nazar
General Secretary, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


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