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(And when they hear the vain talk, they avoid it and say: our deeds are for us and your deeds are for you. Peace be on you. We do not seek the ignorant.” (28 : 55“

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Criticize the Way Law was Implemented not the Law

Saudi Arabia should publish the court proceedings and judgment.

Saudi Arabia claims that Rizana Nafeek was sentenced to death and then beheaded in accordance with Shari’ah Law.
02. It is an accepted fact that law is something and application of law is something else.
03. Shari’ah Law is divine; hence no right to question or criticize it under any circumstances.
04. Shari’ah law shall be implemented in the way prescribed in Shari’ah.
05. If someone has a reasonable doubt about the manner in which Shari’ah law was applied or implemented in a particular case, he / she shall be entitled to demand clarification from relevant authorities.
06. Almost everyone casts doubt over the way retaliation was meted out to Rizana Nafeek; hence entitled to ask from relevant authorities for certified copies of the relevant court proceedings and judgment and the decree issued to carry out the punishment as per the court judgment.
07. It is advisable at all times to get the firsthand information and then analyze the case.
08. At the same time, Saudi Arabia now has a fundamental duty to safeguard the interests of Islam as Islam and its laws are being disparaged. Thus, Saudi Arabia must publish the court proceedings and ruling with regard to Rizana Nafeek’s case along with the high decree issued to carry out the execution.
09. The Government of Sri Lanka has to urge the Saudi Govt. to immediately make such court proceedings and verdict and decree public.

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