In the light of Wah'y :
(And when they hear the vain talk, they avoid it and say: our deeds are for us and your deeds are for you. Peace be on you. We do not seek the ignorant.” (28 : 55“



All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama Mourns
for Late Dr. Nizamuddeen

- General Secretary, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

The horror news about the cold-blooded assassination of Dr. Mufti Nizamuddeen, Dean of Jamiah Al-Uloomil Islamiyyah of Karachi, while he was going to his seminary from home last Sunday, has penetrated, like a spear, right through the hearts of the Muslims every nook and cranny .

Dr. Mufti Nizamuddeen, father of three, has fallen prey to the unseen wolves which have crept into the fold in sheep’s clothing. This cruel act of terrorism, as the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama wishes to put it, is the direct consequence of his call for Jihad, the holy war, against the aggressors during the Afghanistan war.

In the condolences issued by Ash-Shaikh H.Abdul Nazar, General Secretary of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, it is further said:-

The culprits might have come from anywhere, either from the Pakistan’s own soil or from a far away place, but by their off putting activity, they have wiped out an academic, the chief of Fatwa and Islamic Jurisprudence of a prestigious Islamic seminary of Pakistan which provides the children everything, from elementary religious courses, beginning at the age of 4 to post-graduate courses, from the crust of the earth.

The vacuum which has been created by this cruelty is too tremendous to be filled easily. Perhaps the rest of the world is unable to see the ugly faces of the evil elements that tend to suck the lives of the great people like Ash-Shaikh Ahmad Yaseen and Dr. Nizamuddeen, one after one, labeling them as terrorists, but there will be a time when they have to pay for whatever they are doing now.

Let’s be patient and keep praying! May the Almighty Allah accept the late Dr. Nizamudeeen into the gardens!

Ash-Shaikh H.Abdul Nazar
General Secretary, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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